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Gisela KrambeerInterview with Gisela Krambeer for the event

“Happy to Success” September 7-9 2012 Congress Center Mannheim, Germany.

Gisela Krambeer – A woman like a diamond, not in a baguette cut – smooth and plane – but in a brilliant cut, with many facets and nuances. Inseparably connected with her hearty laughter.

– Please tell me more about you and what you do.

What I do is versatile. I exactly need this versatility to shine. It always fulfills me with great joy to discover a new facet and make it shine. When I work as a holistic coach – holistic comes from “whole” – my focus is not on a separate goal of my client. I make sure that my client achieves his goal in harmony with his health, relationship, his environment and his finances. What´s the benefit of a great success when there is no balance, the family or the relationship is broken and as a result there´s depression and burnout?

– What´s the secret of your success?

My individual work with my clients. There are no standard concepts. Beside my seminars, workshops and counseling I bring 15 years of experience in my healing practice to the table. Due to my sensitive awareness I ´m able to discover hidden causes for inner and outer blocks of my client quite fast. Thanks to lots of trainings I did, I can offer each client a special concept to accept the challenge and to overcome difficulties together with him. The word together is very important for me. I´m not the kind of coach or teacher standing on top of a mountain shouting: “Come up, it´s great air up here!” I always accompany my client until he has overcome all his challenges. Both my parents had qualifications in business. This heritage mixed with my intuition, that´s a great blend.

– Where does all your knowledge come from?

I was privileged to study with great masters and teachers like Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Jack Canfield, Kerwin Rae, Greg Habstritt, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Bill Harris, Janet Bray Attwood, Dr. Michael Beckwith etc. I can look back at a life full of experiences. When I had to face great challenges in my life I never saw me in the role of the victim. I was only interested in the question: “How can I achieve my goal?” Very often I needed to have not only plan B but C, D, E and F.

My favourite sentence is: When you´re thrown into a river there is no time for lamenting, either you swim or drown. I swam.

– Can you tell us about a special challenge?

Due to a malpractice in the hospital when I gave birth to my son I nearly lost my life and ended up in a wheelchair. The doctors had a long list of limiting sentences like. “You´ll NEVER……..” Today I´m really grateful for that experience. After the doctors or therapists had told me that they couldn´t help me because I´m an “exception”, I tried and studied lots of alternative healing methods and traveled the world. With these authentic experiences and the development of special gifts I was allowed and able to help many people.

-How come you integrated your voice in that process?

That goes back to an experience with Jack Canfield when I participated in his seminar Break Through to Success in Arizona 2008. At the beginning of the week we did a life purpose meditation. Afterwards Jack took his guitar and sang a well known Halleluja with all 450 people in the room. I spontaneously sang a high second voice. Afterwards lots of participants were moved to tears and looked for the woman who had sung. They found me and told me they had had the feeling as if an angel had sung and touched their heart. Later I received many emails saying: “Gisela, sing to the world!” It took a while until I discovered the healing power of my voice and did some experiments. Meanwhile I use my voice for healing as well.

Everything vibrates and has a significant frequency. Good health as well as illness. There are thousands of studies. For the old Hebrews the larynx was the location of the soul. Their word for emotion also means breath of life or holy ghost. The emotion, the breath of life, the holy ghost flows through the larynx, the location of the soul, and there it is transformed into sound. I love this metaphor.

– Where do you perform?

I sing at conventions like this worldwide. My goal is to serve people and not only sing for them but with them. I sang for the audience of Dr. Bruce Lipton/Rob Williams in Germany, Janet Bray Attwood in England, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi in the USA, Michael Stillwater in Italy and I feel so honored to sing for all the people attending this great event. An event Germany never had before.

Our event in Mannheim is called “Happy to Success!”. Together we experience how to enhance positive affirmations with music. Special lyrics and affirmations come alive through catchy tunes and unfold their power. So our cells are programmed positively. Each cell has consciousness and is a data bank.

I present a possibility how to delete negative memories, conflicts and pains sustainably by using a very simple but extremely efficient method. I´m talking about Ho´oponopono. Ho´oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing method and it stands for “correcting an error”. Ho´oponopono can be applied everywhere: business, family, school, politics, there are no limitations. It is absolutely crucial to take 100 % responsibility for my actions.

This method is so powerful that the high-security wing of a hospital for criminals could be closed because the prisoners were healed through applying Ho ´oponopono. Since then Ho ´oponopono has spread throughout the world. Dr. Hew Len who did the healing still teaches Ho´oponopono worldwide.

“Happy to Success” stands for creativity, transformation and joy. I look forward to offering a possibility to achieving goals with more ease and joy. In the most difficult situations my motto was: All you need is laugh – I love you! I invite you to smile, sing and laugh with me.

– Thank you very much. I look forward to meeting you at the event.

Bruno Benz