Ho'oponopono Song

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Gisela Krambeer

Gisela KrambeerMusic, acting, directing and singing have always been part of Gisela Krambeer´s life. Performances on various occasions have enriched it. 1989 her life changed dramatically and in 1996 she became a spiritual healer and coach.

Many years of experience with lots of different healing methods led her to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Ho ‘oponopono. Since then Ho ‘oponopono has become a healing tool in her practice for energy healing. Not only there she uses her voice for healing.

With this CD she wants to make a contribution to support the spreading of this simple and extremely effective healing method. It´s her desire to support one´s self-healing process by using this simple self-healing tool.

Ho ‘oponopono – if we are willing to take 100 % responsibility for our actions and our life, we can achieve sustainable positive changes. The change does not begin on the outside, but inside us. We cannot comb the person in the mirror. As soon as I comb myself, the other person in the mirror will do so, too. Peace begins with me.

Gisela Krambeer sings for and with people at events in churches, at conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide. Her tunes and songs are simple, catchy and touching. She excites her audience through her humorous and refreshing way, her radiance and enthusiasm. Her irresistible hearty laughter is inseparably connected with her.

The voice has been our primary instrument since birth. Everybody can sing. It’s not about perfection but about joy. The intention matters. Everything we do JOYOUSLY supports our well-being.

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